Are you ready for Alaphridua and the Organic Rosato by La Mirandola?

La Mirandola in Chianti a Buy Wine 2018
2 February 2018
vino dei templari
Have you ever tasted the Templar’s wine? Come and discover it at La Mirandola
4 July 2018

Are you ready for Alaphridua and the Organic Rosato by La Mirandola?

suavis la mirandola

The first one is more international oriented, the second one indicates the land of Sangiovese instead.

suavis la mirandolaSaying Sangiovese is saying Tuscany. We are talking about a Sangiovese that was born in Castellina in Chianti and recalls the aromas of the Tuscan tradition. The Rosato produced by La Mirandola is a simple wine that is characterised by a good sapidity and born from a gamble with friends, as one of the best traditions of a typical,small winery as the one owned by Lorenzo Scala. Don’t expect a wine made only of perfumes, cause his persistence and acidity will surprise you, making you desire to enjoy it for an aperitif or to taste it all meal long. Their friends from Liguria, which are part of this project, say that is perfect with fish first courses or cheeses.alaphridus la mirandola

Another very attended new entry is Alaphridus. It’s a wine that is obtained from the best winery selection, and for this reason it’s not produced every year. Alaphridus is connected to Lorenzo’s grandfather, from who it takes its name in fact (Alfredo) and was born from the first vineyard ever planted in this corner of Tuscany. The most beautiful jewel of this winery is 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Merlot, for a total production of 2500 bottles after an aging in 500 l oak barrels. These two international grape varieties reach their optimal ripeness only in the best vintages. So if the weather says no, its decision is respected, and the wine is not meant to be.