Have you ever tasted the Templar’s wine? Come and discover it at La Mirandola

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Have you ever tasted the Templar’s wine? Come and discover it at La Mirandola

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What would we do to get publicity?! For example, claiming legends that do not belong to our story. This is not the case for Lorenzo Scala, patron of La Mirandola in Chianti, who knows the story of the ancient Templars really closely, being a member of the Milizia del Tempio Ordine dei Poveri Cavalieri di Cristo (“Militia of the Temple Order of the Poor Knights of Jesus Christ”) – a private association that propose to the members a knightly lifestyle inspired to the ancient Templar Order.

“Templars were famous for their tenacity in battle: they were dauntless, with no fear of death, unbeatable thanks to their deep spirituality”. His eyes are sparkling while he’s telling this. “Browsing among old books I discovered that close to the vineyard where I grow grapes for the production of the Templars’ Red Wine, there was one of the routes of the Via Francigena”.

The proof that La Mirandola wine is the one and only Templars’ wine is the old seal realized by the Maestro Silvano Belli (registered in Switzerland). Now you have 2 reasons to come and visit Lorenzo in Chianti Classico: discover the wine of the ancient Order and be bewitched by the legends that belong to this sites. “Who knows if some knights, admiring a sunset, have been sipping a glass of wine, maybe from La Mirandola, thinking of the battles in the faraway Holy Land.”